Environmental Policy

ARTUSA is dedicated to a future that preserves our natural resources and promotes economic prosperity around the world. In a changing world, we recognize the need for social responsibility and being a steward of our environment. We are constantly working with our partners, clients, subcontractors and suppliers to find sustainable solutions to projects while protecting the world around us.




ARTUSA's primary environmental goal, as laid out in our Code of Conduct, is the prevention of environmental pollution. We strive to develop and provide products and services that:

  • Have no undue environmental impact;
  • Are safe in their intended use;
  • Efficient in their consumption of energy and natural resources;
  • Can be recycled, reused or disposed of safely.

ARTUSA's Code of Conduct requires all employees to conduct their duties and responsibilities in compliance with all applicable laws and current industry standards when it comes to pollution prevention. We also train our employees in the areas of environmental awareness and relevant environmental issues.