Fences (Chainlink Fences)


Also known as meshing, loose mesh or single twist. It is the oldest type of fencing made from wire and is still the ideal netting for a versatile fence with an excellent quality / price ratio. Chain link type wire fence fabrics can be made into fences and be used in various applications. Chain Link Fence Fabrics can be galvanized mesh, plastic coated galvanized mesh or aluminum mesh. We offer chain link fabrics with two types of end: barbed wire or knuckled end. Typical opening type of chain link fabrics is sometimes called diamond opening. Chain link fabric is typically sold in 20-25m rolls. We will cut rolls to exact size for local deliveries and pick-ups only. Chain link is easily cut to size by removing one link.

Varieties: Fences for playground and gardens, super highway fences, railway fences, fencing for airport, port, residence and other sites, fencing for breeding animals.

Chain link type wire fences offers stronger texture compared with welded wire fences.

Applications: Agriculture & forestry, crop protection, road and rail, provisional and permanent closing, warehouses and industrial enclosures.

Accessories: Chain link posts, locks...etc.


  • Galvanized Fence
  • Galfan Fence - For excellent life-time
  • PVC coated Fence - For excellent life-time and aesthetic view