Gabion Baskets (Boxes-Cages)


Product Description

Galvanized Gabion Baskets īŧš Gabion Baskets consist of rectangular cells, are made of a double-twist, hexagonal mesh of soft, heavily galvanized wire (according to EN10244-2 Table I Class A) wire. The wire quality and the galvanizing meet all international specifications such as ASTM, EN, BS. The mesh panels are reinforced at the edges with wires of a larger diameter (called edge/border or selvedge wire), to strengthen the structure. Gabions are divided into cells by cells called diaphragms which have the function of reinforcing the gabions by internal panels and easing the assembly and erection.


Galfan Gabion Baskets īŧš This specification of Galfan/ZincAl coated steel double twisted woven wire (according to EN10244-2 Table II Class A respectively) mesh gabion baskets filled with stones and used for various applications including retaining walls, mechanically stabilized earth structures, bank protection, slope protection, weirs, drop structures etc.


Galvanized or Galfan Gabion baskets with PVC or PE coatingīŧš The characteristics of these products are similar to those of the galvanized gabions; however the wire, prior to manufacturing the mesh, is coated with a nominal 0.5mm thick special PVC(poly vinyl chloride polymer) coating as per EN10245-2. Better protection against possible corrosion is obtained so the gabions become more suitable for use in marine or polluted environments.




Mesh openings:
60X80mm, 70x90mm, 80X100mm, 100x120mm (as per BS EN10223-3)

Wire diameter :
Ranging from 2.00mm to 4.0mm.

Wire Material (as per BS EN10218-2 and BS EN10223-3)
·Galvanized wire
·Galvanized wire with PVC coating
·Galfan wire
·Galfan wire with PVC coating


Advantagesī¸° Flexibility