Rockfall Protection Meshes


Rockfall Protection Netting is a steel woven hexagonal opening wire mesh which is used to prevent rocks and debris from falling onto roads, railways and other structures.

Rockfall Protection Mesh is unrolled or draped over the slope and secured with anchor bolts. In time, rocks and debris will fall to the foot of the slope behind the steel mesh drapery. Rocks can then be collected in a trench of suitable dimensions, at the foot of the slope.

If desired, the mesh can be secured both at the top of the slope and at the foot of the slope with high strength cables. In this instance it is good practice to allow the lower cable to be loosened, in order that the collected debris can be removed safely.

The mesh is made of heavily zinc coated, Galfan (ZincAl), Heavy Zinc+PVC or Galfan+PVC coated double twisted steel woven wire. Due to the characteristics of double twist, the steel wire netting can withstand the force of falling rocks without unraveling in the event of wire breakage.

Steel wire used in the manufacture of the rock fall protection netting is heavily galvanized (zinc coated) or Galfan Coated mild steel wire. Rockfall protection netting with PVC coating can be used in aggressive environments. In addition to galvanization, the steel wire is coated with a PVC layer thickness of 0.50mm. The technical characteristics and the resistance of the PVC to aging meet the relevant standards.

When requesting a quote, please specify:

1.Size of rolls (length x height),
2.Type of mesh,
3.Type of coating .